MAY 8-9

TRUE GRIT - Military Inspired Obstacle Course TRUE GRIT - Military Inspired Obstacle Course



May 2021

SAT 08 / SUN 09


SA / Caudo Vineyard

The stunning Caudo Vineyard, by the Riverland town of Waikerie hosts our SA event each year. This True Grit course winds through the 1100-acre property, tracking across vineyards, woodlands, water bodies and silky sand dunes. The popular Festival Area, which encompass our triumphant start and finish lines are set against the banks of the Murray River. Don’t forget to visit the Caudo Vineyard Cellar Door when you cross that finish line! This obstacle course is renowned for being the most diverse in Australia, thanks to the varying terrain.

TRUE GRIT - Military Inspired Obstacle Course




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Open to ages 16+.
Under 18's require additional waiver to be signed by a parent or guardian on the day.


TRUE GRIT - Military Inspired Obstacle Course



Designed specifically for this location


TRUE GRIT - Military Inspired Obstacle Course


T-Shirt Mens / Womens

T-Shirt Mens / Womens
(on completion)

A Real Military Obstacle Challenge Experience

A Real Military Obstacle Challenge Experience

Water To Keep You Going

Water To Keep You Going
(During event)

Access To  Medical Treatment

Access To Medical Treatment

Optional Non Alc Beer

Optional Non Alc Beer
(on completion)

TRUE GRIT - Military Inspired Obstacle Course


TRUE GRIT - Military Inspired Obstacle Course


To enter as an Elite, you must select the 'Elite' wave at 8.30am on the Saturday of the event weekend. This will be the first wave out of the gate to kick off the event, and the top ten times of the event will be recorded at the finish line. Top 3 of both male and female will place on the podium for our event and will receive a prize at our presentations (typically around 10am). Elites get first access to the course, before it's been muddied up too much by everyone else! Our Elites do have a burpee penalty of 20 burpees for every obstacle failed or not attempted. There is a 'mystery' obstacle for our Elite wave only on each course - to be revealed the morning of the event at your briefing at the Start line.

TRUE GRIT - Military Inspired Obstacle Course


Take on the True Grit course as an individual by entering in any wave time on either the Saturday or Sunday (aside from the 8.30am Saturday wave). Just because you're taking on the course solo does not mean you're alone - anyone out on course is able to help you and there are no penalties for failing or skipping any obstacles.

TRUE GRIT - Military Inspired Obstacle Course


Enter as a team to take on the True Grit course together and make a day of it! We love to see some team t-shirts or group costumes out on course... and they always make for great pictures! Don't want to take on a particular obstacle? Don't worry! There's no penalty for any failed or missed obstacle with True Grit.



True Grit events are designed to test both physical and mental grit. You should cross train in both lower body endurance and upper body strength. All obstacles are designed to be completed at a basic level of fitness



We strongly recommend long pants, or leggings and long socks to make your course comfortable and provide protection. Running or hiking shoes are sufficient to attempt the course. Keep clothing light, as you are guaranteed to warm up during the course. Water bladders are a good way to keep rehydrated.


Hogwash Bend Boat Road, Cadell



Parking provided for $10 per vehicle.

Special areas for mini-buses and coaches.


Our full course is the OG challenge; stretched out over 10km+, participants will tackle 30+ obstacles to cross that finish line victorious and earn that finisher t-shirt. Our half course is perfect for beginners, or those starting out on a fitness journey or perhaps returning to one. With 5km, packed full of 15+ obstacles, this is a great way to test the gritty waters before taking on the full course. You'll still earn a t-shirt when you cross the finish line, but you'll get a specialised 'Half Course' t-shirt - you'll have to earn the Full finishers one next time!
True Grit encourages participants of all fitness levels! While some endurance to complete the course can help, there is absolutely no rule that says you have to run - so don't let that stop you! If you're concerned about the distance, the Half course is perfect for you - you can easily walk it in a few hours and take your time - enjoy the scenery and have a great go at the obstacles. There are also no rules that say you MUST complete all obstacles (unless you're taking part in the Elite wave). With this exception, we do not enforce mandatory obstacles or any penalties for missed/failed obstacles. There are two training programs (Intermediate/Advanced) provided under the “True Grit Training” section on this website. True Grit events are designed to test both physical and mental grit; some find it more of a mental challenge than a physical one.
Your team can be as big as you want. Simply sign up under the same team name and in the same wave! We recommend a minimum of 2 people per team, just to ensure you have the extra hands that maybe needed to complete some obstacles.
All race participants need to be a minimum of 16 years of age for the FULL course and a minimum of 12 years of age for the HALF course. Anyone under 18 years of age will need to have a guardian or parent sign a waiver for participation. The event is open to both male and females. Children are allowed at the event, but typically as spectators unless they are taking on one of the Kids courses (select states only). Children must be supervised at all times.
You will receive a confirmation email once you have successfully completed the registration process. Please ensure you enter your email address correctly and check your spam/junk folders in case it gets redirected there. If you still have not received an email after 24 hours and you've done all of the above, please contact [email protected]
A race clock will be at the start and finish points, but we do not record your time for you - that is up to each individual if they choose to keep track. For our Elite wave, we will record the finish times of the first 3 finishers, both male and female for our qualification processes.
It takes the average individual approximately 1.5 to 2.5 hours to complete the Full course - please keep in mind this does not consider that the individual is walking the entire course.
The Wave time indicates the time you are scheduled to take off from the start line to tackle the course! You would have selected this upon registering, and you can always check your confirmation email to see what it was at any stage.
Typically there is at least one water station out on course, around the halfway mark. If you think you will need more water or breaks than this, we encourage you to take a hydro-pack or drink bottle with you.
Those taking on the Elite wave will leave in the first wave on the Saturday, at 8.30am. These individuals are taking on the course AS INDIVIDUALS and cannot have help from other participants during the event. During the event, they will have to attempt the harder version of each obstacle - the taller wall, the unknotted rope, etc. They will also have a 'mystery' obstacle revealed to them at the start line that will be compulsory, that is not required for regular Gritters to take on. Elite racers will also have to attempt every obstacle and there are certain obstacles that are mandatory for them to complete. Anything they fail (if not mandatory) will be met with a penalty of 20 burpees, before they can move on with their race. They are racing to complete in the fastest time, so that they can get a spot on the podium (both male and female) for the top 3. The top 3 will receive prizes for their efforts.



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TRUE GRIT - Military Inspired Obstacle Course